Strategic Principles


We focus on our world-class capability to customize and deliver discovery-based solutions that give our clients superior business results and ROI. Every new solution/service we develop shall build on the core competencies of BTS.


BTS is a global organization, providing services around the world to a client base of mainly international organizations.

Organic growth complemented by acquisitions

BTS grows organically, building on its core competencies and customer base. Acquisitions must provide major synergies and complement new markets, new customer bases and new areas of expertise/solutions.

BTS enters new geographical markets and new sectors through a customer-driven approach – revenues and customers first, cost second.

Top clients and long-term partnerships

BTS' clients shall predominantly be high-image/large clients – and the most demanding and professional clients.

BTS establishes long-term partnerships with clients, built on delivery of top quality and highly visible results and strong customer relations. By leveraging our portfolio of solutions and capabilities, we build suites of solutions used throughout our clients' organizations, resulting in a recurring and growing flow of revenues, over a long period of time.

Differentiation – higher value & premium position

BTS' services are differentiated through superior business results and ROI. Some differentiation factors for BTS are:

  • Discovery-based learning
  • Customization
  • Results process
  • Customer intimacy and focus
  • Great people driven by excellence and quality
  • Global coverage
  • Broad range of solutions
  • Innovation

Offer solutions and IP – not sell time

BTS' prices are generally fixed and not set per unit of time.

BTS capitalizes on its IP (Intellectual Property) – creating recurring revenues while striving to increase license revenues' share of total sales.

Network-oriented sales and marketing

BTS continuously increases the quantity and improves the quality of resources dedicated to client contacts and sales. These are key drivers of growth for BTS. Our priorities:

  • Existing clients and account management
  • New targets generated through the network of existing clients
  • Qualified new targets that can profit from our competitive advantages

Value chain – focus on strategic assets and high value

BTS owns and sources internally:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Customization
  • Client contacts
  • High level/critical delivery

BTS uses independent resources and contractors – to gain access to expertise and for optimal resource planning – in order to maximize quality and productivity.

BTS builds partnerships in order to gain access to customers and combine capabilities.

One company – one best practice

BTS has detailed processes and best practice exchanges to ensure compatible methods throughout the Group – leveraging the company's knowledge and increasing productivity. We deliver well-coordinated and integrated services across the globe.

Innovate! And develop close to the customer

BTS invests in development to cover key needs of our clients and to provide the best solutions. BTS develops existing and new solutions in joint projects with clients to secure effective and client-needs-driven innovation.

The people and the company spirit

BTS' professionals are all very visible to the client and the spirit is a main driver of client and employee satisfaction. BTS emphasizes a positive and professional company culture expressed in six core values.

Recruitment, development and motivation of our people – creating business-focused high performers throughout the organization – are key drivers of our growth.


BTS is a public company traded at the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm under the symbol BTS b
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